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We love our customers

While we're located in New Zealand, our clients are from all over the world - majority in Australia and USA, and some are even in Europe and Japan. With easy travel capability, very close daily communication, perfect internal infrastructure, polished product management approaches and English as a second native language at ITCasper company, it feels like we’re working next door to you. The central feature of our work was the desire for a future customer success

We are creative

Our best-in-class designers and developers work collaboratively to deliver products that we hold to the highest standards. We are passionate about building better experiences for real people. We prefer a user-centered process and to keep an open dialogue with our clients and users throughout the process.

We are pragmatic

It’s easy to often jump to a solution before attempting to define the problem. With industry experience and proven research techniques, we provide our clients with the insights needed to develop a clear strategy for success.

We are professional

Our tech stack allows us to develop applications of any complexity, from simple e-commerce to complex ERP systems. We focus on full-cycle development of stand alone applications including high-load enterprise solutions, Big Data and parallel data processing. We fit the needs of all types of companies, from startups to enterprise clients. The competitive advantage of our company is a team of professionals. We do not set ourselves the scope and limitations. We believe that everything is possible.

Services What we do

We are RoR experts, but building great products would not be possible without knowledge and extensive usage of many other things, e.g. Elasticsearch, Docker, Nginx, Angular/Backbone JS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, AWS, Heroku and many-many more.

Custom development

Get fabulous quality personalized intelligent solutions to meet all your business needs.

MVP development

The main focus of Minimum Viable Product development services is to implement and release an MVP onto the market. At ITCasper we thoroughly plan Minimum Viable Product development activities in order to minimize the risk of exceeding the estimate. After making sure that the project is viable, we proceed with ongoing development.

API integration

Our Ruby On Rails developers have implemented a bunch of different integrations, e.g. social networks(Facebook, Twitter), payment systems (Paypal, Stripe, Braintree) etc. While integrating, we do not only use 3rd party API’s, but also build our own API’s that can be used by third party applications.


The entry point of the backend is the load balancer, which is proxying requests to a combination of Nginx and Passenger. For persistent data storage we use PostgreSQL or MySQL, if it makes more sense. As a Key-value storage we prefer Redis. We also have extensive experience with both types of hosting, the classical hardware and modern cloud based.

Work Process How We Work

You will be involved in the software development process from the word go till the release day. We believe that clients should be active participants in the whole project development cycle, controlling its progress and having the opportunity to make corrections at any stage.

Work Process


Analysis and planning

Our project discussion methodology includes gathering all the requirements from the client through different means depending on the client expertise. These can be in form of questionnaire, use cases, agile story boards, wire frames etc. Project planning phase sets up the expectations with the client. Database Design and Architecture.



This process follows pure agile methodologies and product gets evolved in iterations or sprints. We focus on continuous deployment and regular code commits at the end of every sprint so that customer can be in touch with the evolution of the application over different stages. The aim would be to take the product to market as soon as possible reducing time to market and generating end user feedback in parallel for product improvement. Delivery is complete as soon as all sprints are delivered and the final testing is completed. Agile methodology of development is a great success factor in the latest application development frameworks.



Once the application is live there is always a need to support the application so that end user will have a delightful experience. We take up Honeybadger for the applications we develop, and engage resources to take care of new feature enhancements, bug fixes as well as 24×7 server maintenance. In short, we thereby guarantee that the application we develop is also managed and maintained well!

Want To Join Our Team?

For the ITCasper engineer, software is a practice in continuous evolution. This not a place of heroics, death marches, and feature schedules. It is a place of experimentation and adaptation, and where hundreds of competent people can and want to help you have an immediate impact.
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